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    No, I'm not.  I mis-spoke in the first place because at the library I'm time-pressed.  When I went back and read it a few days later I realized my mistake, but didn't think it important enough to go back and edit, and push the thread to the top of the page.

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    Hi, Stu--

    I saw Tim Byrns for the first time on 2/11. He told me to go to the Broward Symphony. I planned to go to the rehearsal next Thursday, but I checked the schedule and found you have a concert coming up on 2/20. I therefore decided to appear for rehearsal on 2/25. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend rehearsal the first two Thursdays in March, but I would like to have the music to practice in the meantime.

    The cello is coming along, but my carpal tunnel syndrome is starting to act up. I'm experiencing numbness in my right hand off and on as I play. I hope it isn't going to progress. Tim has such a dificult case of it.

    I am on Facebook--Diana Roush Murdock. "Friend" me if you will. It might be easier to communicate that way.


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    Reply from Senator33:

    Dear Diane,

    Was good meeting you and your son last night. Look forward to your joining our motley group; the experience can be both fun and harrowing at the same time.

    Hopefully, the second half of the concert was better than the first. We were very unhappy with the Bizet piece; was not cohesive and intonation was pretty awful. We had spent so mush time rehearsing the Stravinsky - the rest of the program suffered. I think most of us disliked the Stravinsky, which didn't help matters either...

    Onward and upward: The music is better this time, though there are some challenging cello riffs.

    Am saddened by Tim's physical problem. I stand-partnered with him for the first BSO concert this fall, and he was having serious problems with the solos. Please give him my best when you next see him.

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    Dear Stu,

    Thank you so much for the lengthy and very helpful reply. I was happy to hear that you respect Duffy's, because I chose to take my cello there to have it reglued, etc., and I also had my bow rehaired there. (An interesting note: all of my strings were purchased at least 30 years ago, although not necessarily used till recently! ) I began practicing the day after I picked my cello up at Duffy's. My strings seem too high (even in this coldest of South Florida weather), which was often an issue with this cello in the distant past. Of course, my weak hand is adding to the problem now. I may take the cello back for an adjustment soon. And it will really be impossible in warmer weather unless I have a summer bridge. I have a second cello of lower quality (not that my main one is great--it was actually stepped in once, which really decreased its value--but it is decent). The second cello is at Duffy's now for minor rehabilitation.

    I had actually "found" David Cole online as a possible teacher and had decided to contact him in a few weeks. I'm glad that you know something about him. Since you feel that another teacher would be better at this stage, I think I may contact Timothy Byrns instead.

    Thank you also for the orchestra suggestions. I am definitely looking forward to again playing in a group, but that is a few months away. My real love is chamber music, and I hope to someday find the other three members of a string quartet.

    I found it interesting that you referred to the cello as a "lover," because I have recently stated that I was going back to an "old love," that I was "in love again," and so on. A friend of mine who is a Pittsburgh Symphony cellist picked up on this and cleverly extended the metaphor through a paragraph of instructions on what and how to practice.

    Thank you again, Stu.


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    Reply from Senator33:

    Dear Diana,

    Am happy you found Duffy's to be a good place to go. On your cello's string "height" - there is a woman playing with the Broward Symphony with precisely the same problem. After looking at the instrument, I suggested she get professional work done to file the "nut" and to also lower the bridge slightly. Your problem sounds similar (and yes, I have seen some basses like that, too), and you should have Dale Cockrum (at Duffy's) look at it. He is the only person I would trust in this area. Having the strings lowered will help you so much in retraining your left hand muscles, plus will make your technique far more effective.

    In spite of a footprint from long ago, it sounds like a good instrument. Who is the maker?

    We all love chamber music. I occasionally host quartets here, and have some music for duo celli. Have also been overseas several times with Chamber Music Holidays, and thoroughly enjoy the travel and playing. Rent a cello on location....never bring your own!

    Hope you do well with it all. Please tell Tim that "Stu sends his best".The main thing is...enjoy!!

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    I'm not sure how the messaging on this site works, but I'll try. I am in Davie also and just started practicing my cello again two weeks ago after a hiatus of 29 years. I decided I would take some lessons in a month or so and wondered whether you have any teacher suggestions or warnings against! My email is [email protected].

    Incidentally, my daughter is a CPA in audit for Deloitte.



    Reply from Senator33:

    Dear Diane,

    Thanks for the inquiry. I don't think there are a lot of ICS members from South we need to hang together...!

    Tell your daughter that I sympathize with her. Am certain she knows by now that large firm audit staffs have very long hours and lots of responsibility. The focus of my practice is more on Income and Estate taxes, plus some work in general accounting and systems consulting for small business, so we work in a different league. Both have their good and bad points. We do not perform audits nor reviews.

    Congratulations are in order for you picking up the cello after so many years! I have been playing various instruments since 8 years old, and cello for the past 7 years. Before that, it was double bass for 25 years, so my bow hand is very strong, and the left is learning lots of new things...

    If you have not done so already, you should have your cello and bow checked out by a competent luthier. I highly recommend Duffy Rare Violins, in Coconut Grove (305)448-0192. After so many years, you will certainly need new strings and bow re hair, at minimum. The luthier should also check the instrument for separated glueings and sound post adjustment.

    Getting a good teacher is also very important. Many in the area recommend David Cole - but to me, he is for the advanced student. I feel you would be better served by one of the following:
    1. Timothy Byrns (Principal cello, Symphony of the Americas) Plantation, FL 954-583-0552
    2. Beverly Daw (Principal cello, Broward Symphony Orchestra) Tamarac, FL 954-777-1811
    3. Robert Devere Moore, Davie, FL
    4. Cornelia Brubeck, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    Will look up Bob's and Cornelia's phone numbers when I get to my office tomorrow.

    When you feel comfortable enough to play with a group, you might consider the Florida Intergenerational Orchestra of Boca Raton. They have beginning, intermediate and advanced programs and meet on Thursday nights. There is also the Broward Symphony Orchestra, of which I am a member (also meets Thursday nights) The caveat with the Broward Symphony is that the music can be very difficult.

    Good luck, Diane....The cello is a demanding lover, but with a lot of work an patience, am sure you will enjoy it! Don't hesitate to write if you have further questions.

    Best Regards,

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